Personalised Handmade Luxurious Diamante Brooch Anniversary Cards each beautifully gift boxed with FREE mainland UK delivery:

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Customer Testimonials

Received above order today WOW!! and it is absolutely excellent. I must admit, I was a little apprehensive, as I am a great believer in 'Attention to Detail' you really have nailed it ‘Size, Proportion and Layout’ spot on.

- James Cullen (Aintree)


Personalised Luxury Handmade Anniversary Cards | Delivered With Love

On this their special anniversary send love and best wishes in a personalised luxuriously stylish handmade anniversary card swathed with white tissue in a 'Delivered with Love' gift box,

Photo of Silver Torch -

Jewellery Gift Card Silver Torch

£15.45 View

Photo of Peacock -

Jewellery Gift Card Peacock

£15.65 View

Photo of Silver Leaf -

Jewellery Gift Card Silver Leaf

£15.65 View

Photo of Cinderella -

Jewellery Gift Card Cinderella

£15.95 View

Photo of Purple Sun -

Jewellery Gift Card Purple Sun

£15.95 View

Photo of Georgina -

Jewellery Gift Card Georgina

£16.25 View

Photo of Autumn Leaves -

Jewellery Gift Card Autumn Leaves

£16.45 View

Photo of Exquisite  -

Jewellery Gift Card Exquisite

£16.75 View

Photo of Silver Rose -

Jewellery Gift Card Silver Rose

£16.95 View

Photo of Gemstone -

Jewellery Gift Card Gemstone

£16.95 View

Photo of Oxygenic -

Jewellery Gift Card Oxygenic

£17.45 View